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This spring seems to be the summer of uncertainty for all of you. When I hit uncertain times, I tell myself that eventually it will all become less uncertain -- which seems to help... This time next year aj will be nearly done with her first year of school and you'll be nearly done with your sabbatical -- so, you know this uncertainty thing won't last forever.


I hope this comment will cheer you up a bit, my good and wonderful colleague:

The award is not for a semester: it's for all that you've done and continue to do. You'll get back in the saddle.

And in terms of finances: they're just plain icky no matter what. In our family, we resolve things by taking on a bit of debt for the kids instead of retirement, knowing that the investment in them/their education is a value for us. They do the same: loans all around, but not as big, perhaps, as you're contemplating.

Also, the kids've worked during college/university: full lives, true.

Sabbatical: anticipate just the rest, Chica. You'll just step into the stream -- don't need to look across the river just yet. Sure, you have some plans to make, but make the project a SMALL one, the experience a restful one, the sabbatical a time to be your non-college-instructor self (and what a great self that is).

Seems like we might have to have some libations soon if we can figure out when . . . ?


The cost of college these days is so discouraging--even at the cc level, I have students who have to work fulltime to help support the family and can't afford to go fulltime.

Julie's idea about the kids working while at school (I'm thinking parttime in aj's case)is a good one--is there any possiblity of that happening?

Just take each day as it comes--you're shouldering a lot right now.




wow, folks. I went off on the walk and read some Hemingway with ben t. and answered many student questions and come back to all of your wonderful answers.

thanks! it's true, by next year, these won't be the questions -- what a nice way to think about it.


So much unknown, so many stresses, so many factors weighing vague futures and hopes---no wonder you're tired! You'll find a way through, somehow, figuring out how to balance possibilities. I'm impressed with all you're juggling right now. Hang in there.

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