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eek, don't let her. my parents let me and it wasn't worth it.


I have a number of students who started out that way, and then came back in-state after a year.


Just dawned on me it might sound like I am suggesting that as an option. I think it's a bad one, though.


Ask them to re-evaluate your financial aid application. Colleges send first offers based on your FASFA, but FASFAs don't taken in account a lot of things--like extensive bills--like needing to travel to Israel regularly, like car repairs, cost of living, etc.

I don't know of any college that would not at least re-read your financial aid application plus additional materials. They have to.

The other thing you can do is pit one college against the other. If one college gives her a merit, you can contact the admissions office of the other college and ask if there is any way they can match it. Private colleges often will.

I hate the system, but really, the truth is you may have to hustle and call and beg to get a better financial aid offer. I can't guarantee you a full ride, but I bet you it will improve if you ask.


Yikes. Those figure are amazing.

Lynn O'Shaughnessy

I've never thanked you for linking your blog to my own blog -- I thought you'd like to know about a post that I wrote on April 10th about negotiating a financial aid package. It may give you some ideas for your daughter.

Also, if you aren't blogged out on college, I'm writing another college blog for It's brand new. Here is the link:;col2

Good luck with your daughter.

Lynn O'Shaughnessy

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