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Wow, collegeconfidential is addictive and timesucking! Thanks. :-)

I'm glad a.j. has acceptances from places she's interested in. Seems like the preemptive "we don't want to be your safety school" rejection is not all that uncommon. But how can they tell? I guess the onus is on the applicant to show it if he/she is really serious about a school that looks like an easy admit.

Looking forward to hearing about her decision!

Rev Dr Mom

We're waiting for the Kid's last college letter--he's waitlisted at his first choice and rejected by his second choice (a place where I used to teach and was SURE he would get in--go figure). It's a tense time, no?


very tense. yesterday's news was not good: one more waitlist and one (her first) rejection. she still has to hear from her top two choices next week, but sees these as making next week's less likely. not sure if that's entirely true, but it certainly makes for a dejected almond joy.

it's as though, in spite of all her careful consideration, she has now only reach schools or backups. no middle layer of what she saw as pretty good fits.

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