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I think I've heard admissions people don't know how to predict things with the economy, so are keeping bigger waitlists to be safe.

Rev Dr Mom

So one of the Kid's best friends--National Merit Scholar, #1 in class, almost perfect SATS and GPA, good extracurriculars--waitlisted at three schools today, including one that #2 in class was accepted at.

None of this makes sense this year.

Meanwhile the Kid still waits for his last letter.


yes, one of the national merit guys is in that waitlist situation -- randomly not accepted at any of his top choices. and aj said she just feels very misled, that all the books and counselors and teachers said, yes, these are the places you should apply, and mostly not getting in. it's hard to accept that all information is based on previous years and can only be, at best, a prediction for this year.
sigh. good luck to the Kid.

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