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Oh, I'm glad yo are all okay! And you're right: I would *never* want to see that in my rear-view mirror.

What Now?

How scary! Thank goodness that everyone is okay.

Lisa V

Thank god you are all alright.

This made me cry. Big fear of mine.


I can't imagine. Just reading this was hard!

I'm so glad that she's ok.


Oh, that gave me chills. I'm so glad you're both okay and that you were there to help. If I had to be in an accident, I can imagine nothing better than having my mom run up to hold me!

Rev Dr Mom

I'm so glad AJ is okay. How frightening for both of you!



we're ok this sunday morning, though almond joy's neck has been bothering her enough that we'll take her to the doctor tomorrow.

other than that, just feeling fragile and kind of clingy.

FAFSA's done though.


How scary!!! It's good for her that you were close by -- but, it might be easier for you to deal with if you hadn't seen it.


Glad that it's over and that aj had you there instantly. God. Just the thought of it is scary. I'm sending cyberhugs and hot chocolate your way.

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