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I think you have grounds for some official communication with the counselors to get backup. No way is the standard "hours outside of class/credit hours" ratio 1:1.

quick google comes back 2-3 hours for each hour in class.


I heard 2 hours per credit hour for 100 level classes and 3 hours per for 200 level up. Not like anyone follows that but 1:1 is ridiculous.


These are the same counselors who actually do tell students to take me and not my pal for logic (which was verified and stopped... by the dean) and who supposedly tell students that logic is easier than math -- which students find out is a lie...

I have a statement about expectations for homework in my syllabus -- so when the complaints happen, I tell them to look at the paper they got during open drop/add and read it this time -- because that's what they've committed themselves to, and I'm not changing...


philosopherP -- you're so right -- why didn't I immediately send them to the syllabus where it says on the front page:
"Plan to spend two to four hours reading and writing outside of class for every hour spent in class."

should have been my first reaction.


Well, sometimes these things come from out of left field, don't they? Regarding the poetry definition: nothing annoys me more (and amuses me later on) than a student who assures me that they know the truth and I'm just some foggy old lady.

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