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Don't be too discouraged about the sabbatical application... mine came back with lots of red ink as well. The whole thing is a game... write one now that will pass GO, and then, if you are accepted to those programs do a revision with your new plans later -- they have a provision for doing just that in the paperwork...

Talk to the Dean and make sure she would approve the alternative if your applications are successful.

As for your sister's chemo, I wish her the best of luck -- and I'm sending her my 'good chemo' vibe :) -- -as I'm almost done with it (fingers crossed).

If they have her on Adromiacin/Cytoxin to start -- like they did me, tell her that it is good advice to eat a light meal in the morning before you go and to suck on ice chips when they do the red one (Adromiacin, I think...).

Also, tell her to bring something engaging to do or read -- actually getting the chemo is very boring. Some people sleep, but the first set of drugs took at least four hours to give -- which is a long time to sit in the chair with stuff going into you...

Thanksgiving would be a pretty good time to visit -- she'll be used to the side effects and probably would welcome the company. The first treatment or two is kind of unnerving because you don't know how your body will react, so as long as Mom or hubby can be with her, that might be all the company she wants. Once she figures out that all the possible side effects won't happen to her, she'll be more able to hang out and have some fun with you.

Really, if you get a chance to take her to chemo -- do it. Once you see that it isn't a bad experience, you'll feel better about it. Also, it will give the two of you a good chance to talk.


Isn't PhilosopherP just the smartest? Aren't we lucky to have such a colleague and friend, my Friend and Colleague?


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