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Maybe you're tired. Or, maybe you're like me--my vision is so bad that I routinely misread text.


But the important thing is that you went back and reread them ....

Philosophy Factory

I'd guess that you are reading them in the context of the class not going well. That is your own context and not necessarily the experience of the students. I've often felt that a course or a class wasn't great and not have the students feel the same way.

The one about the cruise says, 'I've got this big important and time-sucking thing that I'm doing, help me figure out how to get the work done". When you see "this class sucks so I'm blowing it off for a vacation" as reinforcing your view of how things are going for them...

The other one is more clear -- you read it as "this class sucks, find me another teacher" and the student means "I can't make this format work for me, I need YOU face to face".

Maybe it will help to think about course revisions from their perspective... you saw things that weren't working, so you changed them. That is seen by them as beiing flexible and sensitive to their learning needs. That is a good thing. You see that as not getting it right the first time, a bad thing.

It might also help to remember that they are generally selfish critters who are also very self-centered.... so, unless you are doing things to hurt them (i.e. make them do more work or harder work) then you are probably doing fine in their eyes.

What Now?

Um, aren't you teaching FIVE classes this term? So I'm going to guess that joanna's "tired" comment is right on target.

Terminal Degree

You're tired.

And it's officially Exploding Head Month.

Hang in there.


Yep, I'd vote both for tired, and for fearing the worst. It's not uncommon to actually get emails like that, so it's not unreasonable to fear them...


It's not only sleep deprived tired, that too, but sort of a weariness of exposure. I think I'm over a limit or what I'm used to in terms of numbers - contacts, faces, requests. just plain overload.


I meant to say thanks, not just to mumble on about being tired!

back to grading.


Popping in late to say that fatigue can have enormous impact on us: be kind to yourself, and get some rest somewhere!

The fact that you're noticing it, and thinking about it, means you'll work it all out in the end.

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